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PTA Fundraising

The Alki PTA strives to limit the amount of fundraising that we ask of our families and community.  If you have ideas or suggestions or if you’d like to volunteer, contact our Fundraising Chair Dale Ross at

Every little bit helps and our generous community never ceases to amaze!  Please consider donating to Alki Elementary through PayPal

PTA Fundraising

PTA Alki-A-Thon

In the spring, we strap on our shoes and head outside to promote healthy habits and earn funds pledged by friends and family based on the number of laps completed in our PTA Alki-A-Thon. This fundraiser is a fun and exciting event for students and families.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon for this fun and exciting event enjoyed by all.

If you would like to volunteer please contact: Jessie Ryan at

Fall Auction

The annual PTA Auction is Alki’s largest and most exciting fundraising effort! Driven year after year by the countless volunteer hours given by our talented parent group the auction outdoes itself every year both in funds raised and fun had!!

Our procurement team is already busy at work over the summer. We never cease to be amazed by the support of our local businesses and families! If you’d like to join the Alki Auction Team we would love to have you! Contact Alki PTA President: Amy Cooper at

For more information check out a previous year’s Auction Website

Sponsorship Program

Please consider supporting Alki Elementary School by becoming a sponsor of one or both of the school’s two main fundraisers: our annual fall auction and our spring Alki-a-Thon student event.

These are our largest and most important fundraising events of the year as they support 80% of the PTA budget. Sponsors receive robust recognition of their family or business in event publications. Thank you for your consideration!

Contact Alki PTA VP/Fundraising: Lisa Rockel at

Direct Contributions & Matching Gifts

Alki PTA is a 501C3 tax-exempt and non-profit organization. Donations of goods, services, and financial contributions made to Alki PTA aretax deductible as allowed by law. Don’t forget that many employers and organizations offer matching funds to these types of non-profit groups.


Many corporations such as Safeway, Target, and Amazon offer programs that give funds back to schools based on your purchasing habits. Make sure to register to benefit Alki PTA. Register your cards at  today and start donating to Alki PTA!

Box Tops for Education

box tops for education

Many products you buy every day participate in the BoxTops for Education program. Examples include cereal, Ziploc bags, toilet paper, Kleenex boxes, soup and snack foods. Clip these BoxTops and send them to school with your child to earn a little extra cash for the PTA. You may also deposit the labels directly in the BoxTops container found in the school lobby.

Shop and Benefit Alki PTA

Amazon Shopping Cart

Shop at Amazon using our unique Alki Amazon URL . Save it to your toolbar and, by first going through the portal, your every day purchases at Amazon will now donate a portion of your expenditures to Alki!

How much $$ does this mean?

  • 4%: 1-6 items referred to / month
  • 6%: 7-30 items
  • 6.5%: 31-110 items
  • 7%: 110-320 items
  • 7.5%: 321-630 items
  • 8%: 631-1570 items
  • 8.25%: 1571-3130 items
  • 8.5%: 3131+ items