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    “Conflict Managers” Peer Mediation Program at Alki

    We are pleased to share that for the 10th year in a row, Alki Elementary will continue to have student peer mediators available at most intermediate recesses to assist with the resolution of conflicts of students who are open to their help. Conflict managers do not take sides. Instead they take a neutral approach and use special skills to assist others in solving their own problems.

    Over fifty eager third, fourth and fifth graders were trained during conference week and are ready to offer their services on the playground! About fifteen of these students are return volunteers. We are very proud of these students for making this commitment and giving up their own free time at recess in order to promote peaceful relations at our school. Students seeking their help will easily spot a pair of these volunteers who will be donning bright orange vests and carrying clipboards, ready to take willing students through the process and come to an agreement that is agreeable on all sides. The opportunity was explained to all intermediate students and all were given a chance to apply.

    Involved students had training and practice on the following life skills:

    • The nature and process of mediation

    • Active listening skills (identifying feelings, restating)

    • Perspective taking

    • Positive communication skills such as “I-messages”

    • Problem solving strategies

    Training was conducted by Jen Greenstein, School Counselor, with the assistance of Ann Stevens and additional staff. The program would not be possible without the help of Ms. Stevens who goes the extra mile to coordinate all of the scheduling of students throughout the school year and has been since the very start of the program. Thank you Ms. Stevens! Thank you Ms. Greenstein!