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    PTA Fundraising

    PTA Fundraising

    The Alki PTA strives to limit the amount of fundraising that we ask of our families and community. We focus our efforts on two main fundraisers a year along with a handful of other fundraising events that support our local community and strengthen our own! If you have ideas or suggestions or if you’d like to volunteer, contact our Fundraising Chair Dale Ross

    Our largest effort is the fall auction. This enormous expenditure of volunteer hours, sweat and tears results in a gross income of anywhere from 70K-90K each year. The annual Alki-a-Thon, our second biggest fundraiser, aims to raise over 20K in sponsorships and pledges! In recent years we have also been supported by local restaurants who have hosted dining out nights by offering a percentage of their earnings to our PTA! We have also found a way to earn for our school without ever giving a penny with our Clothes for the Cause clothing drive in the spring!

    This past year we were surprised (and thrilled) that so many families utilized their company's matching program - doubling their donations to Alki!

    We are very lucky to have such generous supporters in our school community. Thank you for your generosity!