Advanced Learning | Special Education | Native American Education (Huchoosedah Program)

Advanced Learning:

ALO - Advanced Learning Opportunities. Alki is committed to ensuring that all students are cared for, known and challenged. Each child, regardless of their entering skill level, deserve to grow one year, or more for each academic year in core content areas. It is because of this belief, and commitment to differentiation, that Alki is now an ALO school.

This means we:

  • Use a variety of assessment materials, classroom based performance assessments, student work, and level of mastery to determine placement in differentiated groups
  • Differentiated reading, writing and mathematics instruction utilizing flexible small groups, "just right" book baggies for reading, and walk to math for targeted skill instruction. Teachers use a workshop pedagogy in content areas.
  • Students who already qualify for Spectrum or APP will have progress marked on the Advanced Learning report card.
  • Students who have these categories are able to maintain status while at Alki for middle school program placement.

We do not:

  • Have a specialized "program" or tracked approach to acceleration
  • Give each child an independent/accelerated plan
  • Use the Spectrum or APP category to determine reading, math or writing groups

Special Education - a service, not a place or program

Alki is proud to embrace an inclusive philosophy for all of our services to children who have special needs. Our special educators work collaboratively with teachers, students and families to provide the specially designed services needed to ensure access to the general education curriculum and programming, with extra support. Students with disabilities are placed into the general education classrooms and receive the appropriate scaffolding, extra time, peer supports and specially designed instruction, as appropriate for meeting IEP goals.

Please contact Sunny Moroles for more information:

Native American Education

The Huchoosedah Indian Education Program provides support for our Native students. Our goal is to help our students excel in academic and community affairs. We value diversity and welcome all families into our community.

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