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    We want to hear from you! You are our partners in this work in providing the best possible school experience for your child here at Alki Elementary! 

    Join Principal Deese in a casual conversation over coffee on one of the following dates: 

    - Food in classrooms
        *We need healthy snacks/foods in classrooms, how do we support this? Especially with the time change this year.
        * Follow up: School staff has sent out a survey to families and will send it again in the spring to set up systems for 2017-2018 school year.

    - Curriculum calendar, we are looking for more information on how to support students at home.
        *Follow up: Work in progress, check school website for more information!

    November 30th 
    - Information of what families should be working on prior to entering kindergarten. 
         *Follow-up: Work in progress, will have this information for families in the fall.

    January 19th @ 8am in lunchroom

    February 10th @ 8am in lunchroom

    March 30th @ 8am in lunchroom

    April 25th @ 8am in lunchroom

    May 26th @ 8am in lunchroom

    June 9th @ 8am in lunchroom